Let The Victors Be Known

Let The Victors Be Known

The Grand Council of Elders has concluded and we are ready to announce the winners of the Game of Homes.  Thanks to everybody that took part.  It's been emotional.

The "It Reminds Us That There Is More To Life Than Social Marketing" Award

citadel placed on the dragons in Game of Homes by

This award is presented to Steve Parker Jr for this tweet that brought some heart to the battle without first ripping it from somebody's chest.

The Award for Notable Achievement in Making Mike Spray Beer Out Of His Nose

This prestigious award goes to Misty Lister for a tweet combining high quality composition and puns.

Best Use Of A Bovine Local Landmark

This less-than-coveted accolade is bestowed upon Victor Boudolf III for a tweet that brings great glory to the House of Code AND the House of Coburg. 

Best in Show, Overall Victors, Sitters Within the Iron Home

of Sales dueling rooftop decks with the awesome folks at PeopleMatter

Overall victory goes to the House Of Sales and the champions of said house - Elizabeth Beasley and Allison Gilmore of DuMoreImprov.  The quantity and quality of their submissions was matched only by their enthusiasm for the contest.  Let them be an example to the rest of you slackers for next year.

When you are looking for a new home...

Let The Game of Homes Be Joined

Let The Game of Homes Be Joined