Let The Game of Homes Be Joined

Let the veil be lifted and the truth shine through.  Relocality are the @GameOfHomes and the @GameOfHomes are we.  What is this Game of Homes?  I will explain.

The Stark truth.

The Stark truth.

The Game of Homes is a brutal contest of conquest and domination that will play out during the Dig South festival this weekend in beautiful, historic, and humid Charleston, SC.  Team Relocality will be distributing small citadels and accompanying stickers at festival events.  To participate, players should select a sticker that best identifies their professional affiliation, affix it to their citadel, customize further as they see fit, place the completed fortress somewhere interesting, take a photo and tweet it to @relocality for distribution and judging.  Bonus points will be awarded for humor, difficulty, and style.   Winners to be announce via twitter at the end of Dig South.  Be sure to follow @relocality to be in the know.

This citadel may seem familiar.

To get you thinking, some potentially high-scoring citadel photos are:

  • on the podium during the Dig South keynote address
  • balanced carefully on the head of a festival organizer
  • anywhere near Joe Riley, mayor of Charleston
  • hanging from the horns of the Tattooed Moose
  • glued to a lamp post at King and Calhoun

Each clan has a sticky Coat of Arms.

The time has come to exercise your creativity, glorify your clan, and have a bit of fun.  Dig South Is Here.